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Arcade Machines and Table Games for Hire UK


Arcade Machines and Table Games for hire UK

A1 Agency has a large range of arcade games for hire to suit practically every occasion. We own all the arcade games and equipment you see. This not only guarantees you the best price from us but also ensures that all our arcade games are maintained to the highest standard and are clean, tidy and fully tested every time they leave our workshop. The arcade games we hire are set to free play which ensures a constant flow of players and also means there are no other costs involved other than the delivery and set up. Another great thing about arcade game hire from A1 Agency is that the environment created by just a few games can bring a totally new atmosphere to your event. With the installation of a Pacman here or a Pinball there, you and your guests will feel as if you are in a real arcade.

We offer three types of Arcade game hire.
Profit share, Contract hire and  Single event hire.

Profit Share Arcade Game Hire if you have a high traffic venue that you think would suit one of our arcade games we can install and maintain the attraction and take a percentage of the profits.  

Contract Arcade Game Hire means your arcade game is delivered and set up in a location of your choice and you then pay for it on a monthly or annual basis.
During this time your game is fully maintained by us. This is a great way of boosting profits at your venue as you keep 100% of the profits from the machines. These profits can be a lot higher than you would imagine at some of our venues they make £650+ every month with a single boxing machine on contract hire.
Contract Hire can work out as little as £60 per week based on a 26 week contract.

Single Event Arcade Game Hire is great for private parties, corporate events, weddings and university events allowing you to create a full arcade for your guests. All the games are set to freeplay and you can have peace of mind knowing our events staff are on site to resolve any issues.
  Single event hire can cost as little as £250+vat per machine

Below is a selection of our most popular arcade games

pacman upright arcade machine hire


Pacman Arcade Game Hire

Nostalgia is the name of the game with our retro Pacman. Take a step back in time and re-live the battles of the 80's. The main objective of a PACMAN arcade game is to travel around a maze gobbling up as many delicious dots as possible while evading capture from the ghost enemies. This arcade game offers a great 2 player option and comes in an original retro games cabinet.  W 63cm D 85cm H 179cm
Click to view a video of some great pacman retro gameplay.


retro space invaders upright arcade machine for hire


Space Invaders Arcade Game Hire

An absolute classic arcade game with over 20 years of heritage it is still as much fun now as it is was then. In this game your objective is to move your base from left to right to destroy the endless waves of aliens ships marching towards Earth and more importantly to get the highest score of the night. This game becomes progressively harder as the more alien ships you destroy the faster the other ships will come down. This game, like the PACMAN, comes in a classic original arcade cabinet and also has a great 2 player mode.

W 68cm D 88 H 175.


Retro arcade game hire  
Reproduction Retro Game Hire 

Compact and stylish these Retro Games come with great visuals via the LCD screens. These attractions are designed specifically for events and offer a fantastic range of classic arcade games including Defender, Donkey Kong, Frogger, 1942 and Galaxian. 

W 65cm D 80cm H 165cm



Street Fighter arcade game hire   Reproduction Street Fighter Hire 

Due to high demand we have added a street fighter multi game to our range. This game not only offers all the classic Street Fighter titles but also games like Metal Slug and Marvel vs Capcom. In keeping with our other reproduction machines these Street fighter retro arcade games pack a real punch and are a great idea for any Retro / 80's themed event.

W 65cm D 80cm H 165cm



Time Crisis arcade game for hire uk   Time Crisis 2 Arcade Game Hire

The worlds first shoot em up arcade game to offer 2 player simultaneous game play from each players perspective! This arcade game also encorporates an innovative shoot-and-duck Action Peda and the player is immersed in the story and the action as it unfolds.

W 150cm D 150cm H 209cm


shooting game hire uk  

Ranger Mission
Arcade Game Hire

A great military theamed shooting arcade game where 1 or 2 players use pump-action shotguns, hellfire missiles, machine guns and sniper rifles to shoot on-screen enemies.

W 76cm D 94cm H 195cm


Jurrasic park arcade game hire  

Jurrasic Park
Arcade Game Hire

The Lost World

sega's Lost World: Jurassic Park, released in 1997 and based on the Spielberg movie of the same name, The game supports two players but can also be played solo. Two contestants play as a team which is very helpful in fending off all the beasties that are highly enthusiastic about eating you. Players have a five shot handgun that is powerful enough to take most Velociraptors out with a single shot.

W 80cm  D 125cm H 215cm 


House of the dead arcade game hire  

House Of The Dead Arcade Game Hire

sega's iconic House of the Dead  released in 1996 is up there with Time Crisis as the most loved classic twin shooting game, The game alows co-op mode with two players but can also  be played solo. The game follows two agents as  they battle though an infected wasteland shooting chainsaw weilding zombies and challenging end level bosses.

W 80cm  D 125cm H 215cm


Shooting Arcade game  

Sharp Shooter Hire

Newly added to our range of Arcade Games Sharp shooter is a fun test of your shooting skill with the added bonus of each player taking home there own score card making it perfect for givaways and exhibition stands. 
As players look down the sights they will see an illuminated score card as they take each shot a hole will appear in there cardat the end of there shots there card will be dispenced we can even supply custom cards. 



Dance Machine Hire

A fantastic addition to your event Dance Machine Hire is one of our most popular event services and is a great way to sort  out the Travolta's from the Dad Dancers. A1 agency have a selection of dance machines offering some great hit songs such as "Relight My Fire" and "Cotton Eye Joe."

W 123cm D 74cm H 178cm

To view our dedicated Dance machine site
click here



rent an arcade pinball machine Uk


Pinball Table Hire

In the arcade game hire business Pinball Tables have always been one of the top sellers. That is why we have been hiring them out consistently for over 10 years. The idea of a Pinball Table is to keep your ball in play for as long as possible by using the powerful flippers to leave it bouncing round the table and rack up the points while unlocking extra bonuses such as multiball and video mode.
W 72cm D 140cm H 190cm.


hire a sega rally arcade machine uk


Sega Rally Arcade Game Hire

SEGA have been leading the way in racing arcade games for over 20 years and this game shows why. With great looking tracks and cars a choice of 3 different tracks, desert, forest and mountain and a hidden 4th track riverside, if your score is high enough. This game comes with a choice of 2 cars, both with either manual or automatic gear box, so you don't have to be an expert to enjoy the drive. It captures all the thrills and excitement of real racing, which is why we currently own 6 of them. This also allows us the capability to make them available in not only 2 but also 4 player races. W:163 D:150 H:152.

Due to overstock we are now offering some of our beloved sega rallys for sale, fully delivered and installed by our trained technicians for just £1795 ex vat for a twin machine. Only 1 avalable so contact us now to puchase this classic arcade game.

Click to view a video of some high speed sega rally gameplay.


manx tt super bike racing game hire


Manx TT Arcade Game Hire

Welcome to the exciting world of TT Superbike Racing! Based on the world famous Isle of Man TT Race. This simulator faithfully reproduces all the thrills and spills of a high speed bike race on life sized motorbikes. This game is a brilliant 2 player challenge with a choice of two demanding courses giving you the super bike riding experience without any of the danger.

W 240cm D 210cm H 157cm.


Revolt Driving Arcade Game Hire  

Re Volt Arcade Game Hire

A great single sitdown driving game that offers players a fun and lighthearted racing experience. Select from a vast choice of highsceen RC cars and race round a veriety of tracks picking up missiles and bonuses on the way.  

W 89cm D 263cm H 180cm



Alpine Ski
Arcade Game Hire

In this video game ski simulator guests choose their skier and then choose their skiing style; racing, mogul or freestyle. Once the choice of style is made the level of difficulty is selected depending on your ability.  Guests move the skies and can use the edges of the simulated skies to cut thru the snow & ice as they proceed down the mountain.  Individuals of all ages will enjoy this great ski simulator.

W 127cm D 226cm H 194cm



Arctic Thunder Arcade Game Hire

A great snowmobile racing game and one of our new additions for this christmas. Pick from six snowmobile riders and six tracks to race on. During the race, the player can pick up power-ups, ranging from boosts to atomic snowballs.

W 89cm D 263cm H 180cm



football arcade game hire uk  

The KIcker Football Game Hire

A fantastic game and one of only a handfull made available to the corporate hire market. Test your skills with soccers newest challenge. The game works by the player kicking the ball as hard as possible this results in a rating of the kick being displayed on screen. Compete against friends, the kicker game measures speed and power to determine the top scores.

W 134cm D 80cm H 175cm


Reaction test game hire   Strike The Light Reactions Test 

This game is a fun new twist on our batak game, This is probably one of the most eyecatching attractions in our range with flashing neon lights and a great sound system this compact game is really the full package. The machine is very brand capable and you don't have to be an advertising guru to think of great ways to link this game to any product. Around the size of a football table the premis of this game is to put out as many lights as possible in the 60 seconds provided whoever turns out the most lights is the winner.

Game play Below--------->


Whack a frog, whack a mole arcade game hire uk  

Whack The Annoying Thing Machine Hire

A great fun twist on the old whack a mole this bright and atractive arcade game is great for competitions and exhibitions allike. The game gives players 60 seconds to whack as many frogs as possible if you do a good job the game will then allow you to enter bonus mode giving you an extra 30 second of fast paced play. This game is fully brandable and we can even look at changing the frogs to fit your theme.



Boxer Machine Hire

A boxer or a  punch machine always makes a big impact at events, so don’t pull any punches. The central display keeps a record of the high score throughout the whole event so you can see what you’re up against when you hire punchball machine.


aqua jet arcade game hire uk


Aqua Jet Arcade Game Hire

Use your high powered Jet Ski to race against the clock in this fast moving simulation. Hire this game for your beach party and show off your skills over the course with amazing ramps to jump over and high speed corners to take at full throttle. And all without getting wet!

W 105cm D 285cm H 209cm.


NSM Digital Touch Screen Jukebox

With over 35000 songs to choose from our touch screen Nsm Jukebox is a fantastic alternatice to a DJ. The LED speakers flash to the beat while you dance the night away with this amasing music system.
Ideal for any Wedding, Birthday Party, Anniversary or Christening.

Main features:
More than 35,000 TUNES!!!
Incredible Sound Quality
900 Watts of Music Power
Touch Screen Controls
W125cm D60cm H200cm



Jukebox Hire

Original 1960's Jukebox. Take a trip back in time to when records were the size of dinner plates and enjoy top songs from the 50s 60s and 70s. Records can be customised to compliment the theme of your party or event with 100s to choose from.

W 165cm D 90 cm H 190cm.


grabber crane amusement for hire


Grabber Crane Hire

Grabber arcade machines are a great eye catcher at any event and are very popular for exhibitions and promotions. You can place whatever items you wish inside to be dispensed from the cranes, from sweets to cuddly toys, this is always a great way to promote your business.
W 80cm D 80cm H 185 cm.
To view our dedicated Grabber crane site click here


rent a pool table for an event of party


Pool Table Hire

Built with a robust cabinet the Pool Table has a full size rubber cushion giving excellent ball response.

W 215cm D 120cm H 90cm.


Quiz Machine hire for events  

Retro Pub Quiz Machine Hire

A great and fun way to interact with friends and test your general knowledge as well play a range of Skill and Card Games. This machine offers all the pub classics you know and love as well as some games you may not have played before. Perfect for a english pub themed event Quiz machines can be set to free play to give you quests the chance to set a high score withourt spending all their change. 


table football hire Uk


Table Football Hire

This quality Italian football table is designed to look great and give the ultimate in game play. Set to free play perfect for you to hold your own Table football tournament.

W: 150cm D: 112cm H: 90cm.


air hockey table hire


Air Hockey Table Hire

Comes in chrome and black with two bashers and two pucks, quick set up time, a great price and it fits through most normal sized doors. 

L 213cm W: 122cm H: 81cm.

FROM £60.00 PER WEEK!!

Interested in hiring an arcade game for your games room or even your bedroom? A1 agency are now hiring arcade machines delivered to your house for as little as £60 per week. All our arcade games are available for contract hire all you need is the space and a plug socket.

Your arcade game will be fully maintained by us and if you get bored with it we will come and exchange it for a different one.
*Minimum contract periods apply.
*Terms and conditions apply.

For more information or a quote on any of the rides feel free to contact us.

Find out interesting facts and the History of Arcade games at http://www.arcade-museum.com/

The best prices for games hire and equipment
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